Cheek And Chin Augmentation

Cheek and chin augmentation

Balance of aesthetic areas of face i.e nose, cheek, lips and chin is important for aesthetic pleasing face. The bony contour of the face is very important for facial features. This is especially true with the chin area. Chin augmentation may help to enhance this area if desirable. Similarly, prominent and high cheek bones are considered to be a sign of beauty. This facial feature can be created with cheek augmentation

Are you the right candidate ?

You may be a good candidate (cheek augmentation) if you have:

Some patients may be advised additional procedures such as liposuction of the lower cheek to achieve better facial features.

You may be a good candidate (chin augmentation) if you have:


Cheek or chin augmentation may be performed using either Autologous Fat Transfer to cheeks / chin or synthetic implants.

Implant – The incision is taken either inside the mouth (near the junction between the lip and the gums) or on the eyelids (for cheek augmentation). Through this incision a suitable pocket is made and the implant is inserted.

In some cases, a small Titanium screw may be used to attach the implant to the bone. The incision is closed using absorbable sutures. A compression dressing may be applied.

Post - operative Recovery

You will be advised to rest with your head elevated and to apply cold compresses to minimize swelling. Some patients experience difficulty in mouth opening or facial movements for the initial couple of days. You will be advised proper oral hygiene post-operatively. The stitches will dissolve by themselves over a period of time. The swelling will subside after 2 to 4 weeks.


Due to post-operative swelling the results may not be visible for a few weeks. However after that they are a permanent feature of the face.

Possible risk and complications

You may have a detailed discussion about this during your personal consultation. Some of the possible complications include - Anesthesia related risks, infection, shift of implant, asymmetry etc